poetry by Me


The morning sun always comes

The sky lights up

when the night is done

the sky clearer, brighter, following the storm

colors come with the dawn

golden light turning pink, purple, orange, red, brilliant blue

heavy rain washes off the days

built up dust and dirt of the world

the sun rises once again

the morning sun always comes

by Stacey Zuccotti


A mother in the Revolution

on the front lines

Throwing my body in the line of fire

kids growing up back at home

missing their mom

What is the purpose for the sacrifice?

nothing will  change in the line of fire

the only answer is because it’s right

we must stand and fight

for another tomorrow

what future will it be if we all stay silent

Do you not have concerns for the future of the earth?

and weather humankind will survive from our own hands

how much time will we have?

Do you not have concerns of the 1%, control the government, war, wall st. and

bank fraud, of corporations not caring, of our state of economy or land all poisoned

the laws they write to benefit

destroying land, water, air, communities, humanity

little care, little accountability

That’s why I am here

A mother in the revolution

on the front lines

things might change, give it time

it’s worth the sacrifice

that’s the purpose

standing in the line of fire

by Stacey Zuccotti