So it took us 12 hours to drive what should have been a four hour ride. We stopped lots to cool off the bus and refill the water. we also stopped at an auto parts store along the way to pick up a fuel filter for the veggie oil system and the head gaskets we would need to replace. We dropped Dre off in the city and headed to Long Island to fix Godzilla.

It has been a few days now of taking apart the engine, which Durty has been working on for the most part with Charlie guiding him through it. I have been doing my part, which has been to keep everyone fed. I look at all the pieces spread out all over the bus and am terrified of the sight, I know I can’t put it back together again.


We got the shell off inside the bus and here is the engine before Durty started taking it apart






Charlie had his tools ready and waiting for us to be able to use to take apart the bus.


Charlie helping us along


working hard to get Godzilla back on the road


The engine






and more pieces

019 032


headlamp- a necessary tool

Another day of work today got us closer to be able to put it all back together. This morning I spent some time ordering some more parts that we need to put it all back together so tomorrow we will pick them up and in a few days Godzilla should be ready once again for the road. We got through all the problems with the veggie oil system and now we are getting through the problems of the bus separate from the veggie oil system. We couldn’t have done it without lots of help from our friends. Thanks to everyone who has helped us out along the way to make this all possible.


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