The farm- Arc 38

A welcome site just a few hours away from the city. We knew there was work we had to do on the bus and we knew the city was no place to do it, so we decided we would head to the farm and stay as long as we had to, to fix the bus. Also we need to raise some money because although we run on veggie we still need some diesel and we need to change our veggie oil filters on a regular basis and if we don’t they get all gunked up and that is one reason why the veggie oil system doesn’t run well, why it stalls and bogs down. So although we don’t need much to start our traveling we need something so for those reasons we travelled to the farm. I also thought this would be a great place to document as one of those places where they are living the solution.  Here at Arc 38 it is an experiment in communal living, organic gardening, mutual aid, and sustainable living. People come and go with their ideas and talents and they put into the farm what they are passionate about doing. So I came and I knew I could always help out with cooking and washing dishes since those things are not always the ones people are passionate about doing.


Our bus in it’s parking spot on the farm


Liz and Dre came with us so we were a group of 5 again. I love having people get on and off the bus. Some will stay a few days some stay a while, I learn something from everyone. Each group is a new set of dynamics. Here we had our home in the bus, but there was also the farm and the mountains spread out to so we were not confined or crowded. The first morning I woke up took a walk up the mountain, looked all around me at the base camp and thought how I felt like I was home, which was the same way I felt sleeping on the sidewalks of Trinity Friday night and I wondered how many places could feel like home.

Liz came with us to the farm. She was a welcome addition. She was the navigator for the ride up, and a calming presence

Liz came with us to the farm. She was a welcome addition. She was the navigator for the ride up, and a calming presence


Dre also came with us to the farm. I know Dre from his dedication occupying Union Square and then Trinity

I thought we would be there till the bus was fixed like we had talked about, but things are always changing and after talking to Charlie who told us he was a diesel mechanic in a former life and what he thought was wrong was that we needed new head gaskets we drove to Long Island so he could help us put them in, because this would be a big job and the whole engine had to be taken apart. So we only ended up being at the farm for 2 nights instead of indefinitely but we still got a chance to meet everyone who was staying at the farm at the moment and check out the land see and hear about what everyone was working on and enjoy being there for a few days. They also got to check out our bus, see the veggie oil and solar system and hear about how it worked. They too are hoping to be able to acquire a veggie oil vehicle.

This was my 4th time here, Ed had never been here before so I took him on a tour of the mountain, the farm and the creek.


The woods along the trail on the walk up the mountain to base camp- eagles nest


walking sticks left to assist along the trail



This shelter needs a little repair after the winter. Storms have blown the tarp off of most of it.


from inside the wigwam


This way to the presidents house


Outdoor kitchen, propane and wood stove inside the wigwam



In the same camp as the wigwam there is also a military tent. All set up with a stove, cots, table and chairs

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The latrine. Welcome to the Royal Throne. Liz helped build this last spring

03-29-2013-551- 03-29-2013-557-


A spot ready for a tent


Safety First Comrades

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On the path to the creek

03-29-2013-645- 03-29-2013-651-

03-29-2013-684- 03-29-2013-653- 03-29-2013-673-


walking back from the creek to the farm we stopped in the temple, an old silo


stopped to play some music


and light some candles

03-29-2013-696- 03-29-2013-704-


The south barn.


legalize Life


Up the stone steps to the farm


Washing dishes. It seems they never all get done


Where we all share a meal


The view from up above


The library loft

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hibernating in the warm room

03-29-2013-730- 03-29-2013-727-

03-29-2013-627- 03-29-2013-626-

Our stay was not long but long enough to reconnect with this land. Take a breath in the fresh air and be able to start again on our next journey to Long Island to continue working on Godzilla who is helping us get to know her, so we can take care of it now and start our safe travels educated in how to maintain a healthy home, so we can get where we need to go and Godzilla defender of the earth will help us get there and here at Arc 38 we will leave knowing we will return and feel at home once again in the great experiment of how many ways there are to live and live free

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