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I love this wall! It was a landmark for me when I was first encountering Williamsburg back in 2011.

After the “Countdown to 7” frenzy we gratefully eased our way out of Manhattan in search of a better parking space to checkout the bus. I knew from previous parking experience that Williamsburg has a few choice spots, and it was close by. So we headed out over the Williamsburg Bridge and made our way slowly checking out possible parking locations. We ended up stopping halfway between C Town and the corner bodega . . . right behind the bus stop for the Hassidic school. You should have seen the looks we got from everybody walking by wondering what kind of bus Godzilla was!


Half of the art is obscured by a wall — but when I first saw this art the wall was not there.

I know the area a little. There are some great graffiti murals and stand-alones within easy walking distance . . . well, everything in Williamsburg is in easy walking distance. So Liz and I took a tour down Wythe St and its side & parallel roads. Liz took some great pics, so without further ado here are the interesting bits of the Williamsburg Graffiti Tour!


A bit of the same artwork slips out the end of the fencing.


This guy can be found in several spots . . . always a bit different in each one.


Dolphins rape people? No. Men rape. Rape ain’t no joke, yo.


Puerto Rican pride!


Every time I pass this one I can’t help thinking about what “home” means to me.


The other half of the “Home Sick” wall.


I’m not quite sure about this one . . . but it sure is interesting!


The guy with the horns — a little different this time.


Tribes . . . we all long to belong.


Not cool defacing good artwork.


Graffiti as advertisement. Cool!


Beautiful on many levels!


The horned guy without the horns.


Thought provoking.


Knowing the NYPD as good as I do I don’t doubt the writer of this graffiti was raped by one or more cops. The goon squad that is the NYPD needs to bear responsibility for their crimes.


The photographer, Liz, taking a break in a little park by the East River.


Impressive! This seems to be by the same person who did the graffiti art that opens this post. Click to look at the detail.


The art continues around the corner . . . as I said, impressive!


From another angle.


Look all the way down to the end of the street — Big Brother is watching!


‘Nuff said!


Doors . . . car doors on a wall advertising a business that sells car doors .. .


More doors!

Heavens! We have nearly reached the limit for storage on this blog . . . we will have to add a second blog! Luckily for us at this moment we have reached the end of the Williamsburg Graffiti Tour. I hope you liked it. I know we did. Take a walk down Wythe Street and visit this street art museum in person. It is worth the time.

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