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We installed the solar control unit and emergency cut-off switch box last night. The solar system is now operational! We still need to do some minor electrical work but we are ready to roll! We want to install a line and switch between the battery storage and the alternator so that we can charge the storage batteries with the engine in emergencies. This will also let us charge the engine battery in emergencies should we drain the power from that battery. As well, the battery that runs the WVO (waste vegetable oil) system heaters and pump can also be charged from the solar panels now instead of just from the engine battery.

We used the solar power system last night to power a jigsaw to cut a notch in a counter-top for the power cables, and this morning we are charging our phones with solar power.

We got the controller from Solar Pioneer International, Inc., which has been in business in Riverhead, Long Island since 1979. They are fully supported by donations, and are a grass-roots effort to live the change we seek. They went out of their way to get us the solar controller — not having one in stock. They searched and found one that a customer was not using, and was willing to sell to us. While we were there we gave them several sets of Occu-Cards and told them about the Occupy Bus Tour. They were wonderfully enthusiastic about our mission, and donated money, bumper stickers and more to the Tour. This mutual aid is what it is all about, yo! Another world is possible — just escape from your wage-slavery and live it!

Next stop: Occupy Trinity Wall Street! See you there tonight!


The shut-off switch between the panels and the inverter is on the left, and the controller for the system is on the right.


The front of the battery storage area and the inverter compartment. We have to clean up a bit but it is operational!