Days. Living in the moment makes each day a lifetime. I have lived many lifetimes. The first step on this journey is finally . . . almost . . . over. We get the controller for the solar panel system today — it is the last piece of the puzzle that has been the job of modifying the bus to be our home for the next few months of the Occupy Bus Tour.


Lauren working to fix the bubble-in-the-WVO-fuel-line problem.

Many people have helped and supported us on the Occupy Bus Tour. We have been welcomed into several homes for extended periods of time. We have been given help in repairing and upgrading the van, the camper and the bus. We are almost finished with the bus, and that means we are almost finished with the first step of the Occupy Bus Tour journey. At this point I want to thank everyone who we have met, worked with, and slept under the same roof with: Barry, Al, Ping, Ed, Chris, Jack, Charlie, Kim, and Dr. Dave. Thank you all, we are all very grateful. It is the support of people like you that keeps us going. Without you we would have given up a long time ago. We do what we do for you.


Ed (under the bus) and Durty (under the hood) working on the bubbles-in-the-WVO-fuel line problem also!

We are going back to Occupy Trinity Wall Street for the first stop on this next leg of the Tour. Our Occupy Wall Street comrades are coming to meet us. Come on down, Friday, March 22, 2013. Let’s tell CEO Cooper that his two-year delay in resigning is way too long a wait. Let’s tell him that he doesn’t deserve to have two million more dollars in salary from the parish — that money can be better used serving the poor as a church of Christ should be using it, not to buy luxuries for a greedy, two-faced snake-in-the-grass.


Driving down the highway on our way to New York City!

We’re back! Get back-up! Get more barricades! We missed you!


Stacy occupying Trinity Wall Street Church last summer.

Here are some pictures of the solar panel project, which is the last upgrade for the bus. It was fun, educational and fulfilling to do all the work we did leading up to this point. The repairing of the ill-fated camper, the installation of the WVO (waste veggie oil) fuel system, the installation of the solar panel system, and the re-modelling of the bus into an RV have given us all a sense of accomplishment. We know that waste veggie oil and solar panels are not the answer to all the world’s problems. In fact, neither are any answer to the non-renewable resource problem or the destructive to the environment problem. That may come as a surprise to some, but veggie oil cannot be grown in the quantities needed for everybody if we keep the same driving behaviors, and solar photovoltaic panels are destructive to the environment because the rare metals need to be mined. A better way to do both has to be made widely available — and there are plenty of better ideas and inventions already out there waiting to be put into use. Here’s one good idea — biosolar. We have to get over our for-the-most=profit mentality and get real with a good-for-the-Earth mentality. What is good for the Earth is good for us. One Earth, one chance, yo.


Jak and Charlie working on the solar panel frame in the snow.


Me and Charlie fiberglassing the frame in the shop.


Durty connecting the batteries for the solar power storage.


Me and Charlie attaching the framework for the solar panels to the bus roof.


The first solar panel gets installed!


The second solar panel gets connected!


All four solar panels up and ready!


The inverter to change the DC current to AC sitting atop the box containing the batteries, and awaiting it’s own box.


The box for the inverter is in place.


The WVO system being boxed so we can set up a third bed and kitchen area.


Charlie working hard to build all the wood boxes and tables we installed.


Me making drum sticks while Durty works on a frame.

We are picking up the controller for the solar power system today. It should be in place tomorrow . . . and then off to Occupy Trinity Wall Street!