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So after a longer than expected journey north we have made it to NY to get started on our next phase- installing solar panels. It took us a week longer than we had planned on getting here so we are right on time.


One of the solar panels


The Inverter

I finally got to see all the different parts of the solar system in person instead of on a computer screen. 4 solar panels which will take up the entire roof of the bus, an inverter to convert the energy so we can just plug in our computers, refrigerator or anything else.


Charlie cutting the boards which will make the sides of the frame


Durty taking the boards and cutting them to the exact size we will need for the sides of the frame


Putting the pieces together

We have started making the frame for the top of the bus where the solar panels will sit on and have started wiring outlets and measuring conduit talking of what to build so that we can have a functioning kitchen and more bed space. So the next project begins and with only 2 trips in to home depot I know we are still in the begining. I am sure there will be many more trips before we are done.


The frame will go all along the side of the bus on the roof


Soon we will have outlets, One set on each side of the back and one set on each side of the front.