Our somewhat home away from home or home within our home for the past few months on again off again has been Chrysalis. One reason seems to be because when we pull up everyone welcomes us home. It is a Sweedenborg church, but you can’t really put it into that box alone, it is a retreat center, but you can’t put it into that box alone, it is a run down farmhouse, but again you can’t put it into this box alone either. It is what it is.

I found this place 10, 11 years ago after making my way through many religons and every one I tried I eventually saw a bunch of phonies, and still here people are just people but it’s where I feel like I most belong and through the years I have seen many people come and go through the doors living in the house and now I am staying here living in our bus, open and welcoming as a place of rest until we head to NY


I think I feel comfortable in this place because no one judges you, everyone is admittedly a little crazy and loving it and loving life and I see people taking care of people and caring about people over $ so it’s a place I can believe in and it seems they believe in me


Outdoor stove and kilm overgrown wild

It was once full of gardens now the wild has taken over the manicured but still I see the beauty, it reminds me of the secret garden. We have our bus and a few tents to spread out. We have the kitchen in the house and the bathroom. Right now there are 2 other residents. Barry and Al. Barry lives here all year and Al works at a yoga studio/school up north that closes for the winter and so he spends the winters here. Each one of us are living some type of an alternative life. Barry spends a lot of his time on an organic farm and at the markets sellling the produce he grows. Each person not focuses on how much money they are making but doing what we are passionate about and Chrysalis has opened up it’s doors and welcomed our strange sort of characters and all of us our different pieces in this puzzle of trying to live a life of purpose which is sustainable.


one of the many cats who roam around the property. It’s hard to even catch a picture of them as soon as the see you moving toward them they scatter to hiding


The angel greets you at the door

Barry saves piles of old beer bottles in the hopes of burying them to make a path, he recycles everything, composts. We are all very consciece of how our choices are impacting the earth and when we can do something about it we do. Along the way different places we are staying I get to meet different people and see the impact they are making on creating a more loving more sustainable world and it feels so nice to be welcomed by so many people everywhere we go.  Most people want to make a difference so I hope we can inspire each other teach each other, show each other what more we can do and we will all be inspired to go further


some of the books in the free library