Moon rise on a dream accomplished.

A gloriously full moon watched over us as we took our bus on its first journey — to pick up its mechanic and new Wandering Zuccotti, “Durty”. The trip was over 525 miles, non-stop not counting fuel stops (transfering veggie oil from Tank 1 to Tank 2). The maiden voyage went without a hitch (no camper, also). The entire trip was done on veggie oil — not a drop of diesal was used. We burned mostly, if not all, used canola oil from a Chinese restaurant, and the engine purred contentedly under the full moon that was celebrating our task completed — the bus is a reality.


Everyone should have an emergency door in the back.

As we were using canola oil that meant we were burning a GMO crop. That is about all you should do with a GMO crop — burn it! They are not fit for human consumption. Quite possibly the best way to get rid of them is to use them as a fuel. At least, until there are no more GMOs.


Heading out on the road for the first time!

Sitting over a hot wake-up cup of The People’s Blend we grounded and centered upon the completion of a task. The bus is on the road, and all the effort put into fulfilling this dream had lessons for us.

The camper taught us many lessons that have been revealing themselves to us whenever we get a chance to sit and talk. We realized in this talk that in repairing the camper we learned how to build a small house. We learned how to build shelter. Shelter is a basic human right, and yet it is restricted and regulated heavily by government and culture. Our education system does not prepare us for the basic necessity of knowing how to build shelter. It all seems fucked up and bullshit to me, yo.


We now realize we can build a home. Not only that, but we can build whatever it is we need. Humans are the tool-using animal, remember? Our diversity is our strength. Here with the Occupy Bus Tour we are remembering who we are.

Another world is possible!