We went to Asheville on Thursday thinking our bus was going to be ready that day.


Rosetta's kitchens zine library

Rosetta’s kitchens zine library

My first stop into Asheville was my favorite vegan restaurant Rosettas kitchen. Serving local organic mostly Vegan veggie burger with mashed potatoes and gravy and chocolate peanut butter cheesecake

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we walked around Asheville a bit so much artwork and local stores and we drank coffee in one of the coffee shops while we worked and charged all our equipment then we went to Dr Daves to we hoped pick up our bus.

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He showed us around the veggie oil system from how to start the bus and switch to veggie oil then from beginning to end from pumping in the oil and how to switch to transferring oil from tank 1 to tank 2 then running the heaters and he showed us all the lines and how they were run, where all the filters are and how to change them and clean them. He still had some work to do and his tools and parts were spread all over the bus so we could see it wouldn’t be finished today.

We came back Friday afternoon after spending some more time walking around Asheville and eating at Rosettas kitchen, but still the bus was not ready, he was hoping to work on it late into the night and have it done the next day. He brought over an RV he had for us to use to sleep in be in while he was working on the bus. He worked on it until the middle of the night. 3AM looking out of the window of the RV we were sleeping in I could see the lights of the shop still on.

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The next morning we walked to a coffee shop a few doors down from the shop and drank expensive cappuccinos and started putting together our press kit and general plan for the beginning of the tour. Around noon Dr. Dave came in and he talked about how things were going and he was changing around filters to get better flow adding a heater in another point finishing the electric building a stand and he worked all day and into the night getting closer to being done but at the same time a long way away. Again midnight 2AM still the shop lights on so I went back to sleep we wouldn’t be leaving tonight.

The next morning early for how late he was up came in to finish everything up and we went for a test drive came back and a few more adjustments and then he went to work on diagrams of the system, notes on how to run it all the filters pump. We filled up the tanks with oil and we were finally almost done. Then we got to sit down and talk to Dr. Dave a while and he told us a few of his stories as an activist.


Doctor Dave’s Automotive, 1002 Road, Asheville, N.C., 28806

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Then we were on our way after a few more adjustments. It was like watching an artist at work more than mechanic. Focused and it’s not done until it’s done and we just had to wait for everything to be just so. So we ended up driving all night long reaching our Florida destination at 6AM and the next day is lost in a haze and the whole trip was made on food not Crude

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We were so lucky to have found Dr. Dave to install our veggie oil system. We saw his dedication and hard work and passion for what he was doing. We have one bad ass veggie oil system where we can pump oil right into the tank just as if we were at a gas pump. It seemed complicated at first to learn the process of how to pump it and transfer it and use it but now that we have been using it for two days its pretty simple and it’s a great feeling to be driving down the road using something that is not contributing to the pollution of this environment. Dr. Dave is someone who seems to me to be living part of the solution offering people alternative fuel systems and also continues to work toward change through his activism.

You can contact Dr. Dave at drdavesauto.com