Finally! After three months of hard work, unexpected setbacks and hard decisions the bus made its maiden voyage — a test run on the roads and highways of Ashville, North Carolina! She ran like a champion! Many thanks to the Michelangelo of Veggie-Oil Conversions, Dr. Dave! He worked so hard to make sure everything is perfect — working and re-working until all was the best possible. The test run showed us that he has a master artists skill. Make note of his contact info: Dr. Dave’s Automotive (828) 398-0008.

Here is a video, live-streamed, of the test run. Enjoy! We are on our way today to put the final touches on everything, and the stop after this will be to put solar panels on the bus. Once that is done, which is expected to be at the end of next week, we will be on our way to the KXL Blockade and many otrher actions across Turtle Island.