You could say the four of us have been training and prepping for this journey our whole lives. Whether aware of it or not, we have been molded and hardened through our vast experiences. As hard as it has been thus far, a dear friend and supporter reminded us yesterday of all the good that has been done so far. She reminded us that it has just begun and there are many around the world that not only heard the battle cry of occupy, but continue to carry its many torches. Sometimes it takes a “stranger” to bring us back to center, to help us grasp the big picture-the world is crumbling and many won’t survive the consequences of our carelessness, but the soldiers that carry the revolution inside them will be there ready for whatever comes on the other side.


This pretty much sums it up.

I hate to admit I’m afraid. Not for myself, but for the place we all call home. If there is anything I learned from the rally this past weekend, it’s that as important as it is to occupy wall street, the banks, the corporations, the prisons, the imperialist politics, the assault on our human rights, the internet and the suppression of truth, nothing matters if the earth is destroyed. NONE of it matters if we have no water to drink, no fertile earth to plant NON GMO seeds, no clean air to breathe, no healthy food to eat, and no land that is our land anymore. THAT is the only fight that matters right now, because all of the empires of the elite will inevitably fall when the lifelines for survival are cut off. This fight is not for the human race. As much as I have faith in humanity, most of the people who depend on these lifelines sit idly by, taking their free flowing faucets and reliable light switches for granted-taking and taking without a thought or consideration that someday soon, those resources will be compromised.

sacred red earth

The protectors of the land are rising up!


I fear for the earth because I feel her pain. I fear that she will not be able to heal from what we have done and will continue to do. But, as I was reminded this weekend by the womyn of the first nations, she will bring the thunder, and retaliation is already obvious. At this point I just wonder which disaster it will be-will the water go first? Will the plains of the heartland go black with the rupture of the KXL Pipeline? Will earthquakes start to rock our cities the way they do in Japan? Will the bee population die out? Will there be an epic drought larger than the one we saw this past year? There are countless disturbing scenarios that could plunge us into REAL chaos, not the kind the media claims us radicals are hoping to cause.

This blog is my pledge to keep going. As disheartened as I am some days, as depressed and exhausted I get thinking about all the ills plaguing us, there is no going back. I burnt my bridge leading back to Babylon almost 2 years ago now, so my life now belongs to the open road. My life belongs to the hearts of the freedom fighters everywhere. My life is but a drop in a raging sea, but I am comforted as it tosses me about that I am not alone. My heart is held with care by my partner and my love, Jak. And that heart bleeds for the indigenous, for the ignorant, for the blissfully asleep, for the painfully awake, for the ones following orders against their conscience, for the fathers, mothers and children in poverty, for the starving, the sick, the soldiers volunteering to do the dirty work of war criminals MY HEART BLEEDS. My heart my heart my heart….as many times as it breaks it remains encased in my bones, beating. And as the four of us prepare to embark on the road once again to greet our finished bio-fueled bus, I will leave a trail of my heart so maybe others may find the path.