'nuff said!

Well I knew upon going to bed last night that it would be hard waking up and remembering what had happened and all the dreams we had of living in our new home on the road, having a kitchen so we could cook and feed people along the way, and having a little extra space for the team we have been getting together were gone in just those few minutes of the silver bomb shell exploding with a few hits of the guard rail, but even though I feel the loss of all of that I also have the hope that we have great lessons to learn and this is part of it and we will go on. We are training for what is to come and becoming stronger as a group which I know will help us with what we are about to embark on and we can use this tragedy just for this purpose to grow stonger together in knowing we are in this together and we will all do whatever it takes to organize, educate, and agitate

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So today is Valentines Day and I am excited. I have made dozens and dozens of Valentines to hand out to whatever random strangers I meet today and so far I have put a smile on everyones face and that makes me happy and these are the things that matter to me. Love is all you need. All you need is love ❤