Leaving central Florida yesterday afternoon. On the road for adventure. The camper just finished a few days before.



We all took turns driving


We finally made it out of Florida around 9pm and drove late into the night since we were driving only about 55-60 miles an hour since we were pulling the camper. It took a lot longer than expected and we slept in a parking lot of a rest stop suppounded by trucks. The first night sleeping on the road. I loved the feeling of waking up being on the road but being home at the same time. So with this feeling we all started out our day.


Stopping at the rest stops we checked all the fluids and oil, checked the lights on the trailer to make sure they were always working. We we being so meticulous at making sure we were doing everything we could to keep things running smoothly.


But then when we were almost at our destination for the day. We were almost to the point of spending another night in our new home, we learned that everything you have worked hard to build, everything you had dreamed and hoped no matter how much planning, work, preperation, checking, and rechecking it can be destroyed so fast, but life goes on wheather good or bad, happy or sad and what matters is the people around you make it all worth it, the community we have in each other is still strong and even stonger having gone through it together so we have lost lots of our belongings once again. For us it’s nothing new. I do now have a little bit of the feeling in me from the night of the eviction when I looked at all the stuff being destroyed as I looked at our destroyed camper. I have had to deal with the feeling of loss having to do with things and I have learned they are only things.

What happened was that the trailer started to fishtail and just lost control. We did good enough to slow down and get to the side of the road but the trailer hit a guardrail a few times as it was swaying back and forth and we ended up stuck in the mud with a trailer that looked a bit like a crushed can of Monsanto poison

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DSC_0231-13-02-13-647 DSC_0237-13-02-13-653 DSC_0239-13-02-13-655 DSC_0240-13-02-13-656


It was so cute with it’s patchwork curtains and occupy info wall paper. We will miss our silver bomb shell. We will still go on, we will soon have our bus and we may have a little less room so we will just be closer, hopefully we will make it to DC for Forward on Climate, but if we can’t it is just a bump in the road and the tour will go on.