. . . overcoming adversity. Never give up, never say die, never surrender!


On our way early in the day . . .

It was a day of travel, but we still got a little protesting in when we saw a China Shipping truck at a rest stop.


Near the end of the day’s journey we had a mishap. We are all OK — unhurt but a bit shaken. The Silver Bombshell, our 1970 Shasta LoFlyte camping trailer, however, has been taken to the salvage yard.


On our way to the One Billion Rising event in Raleigh, North Carolina, we had a crash on I-95. It had just rained, and the trailer hydroplaned we think — it fishtailed all of a sudden — and trying to slow it down and regain control it sideswiped the guardrail twice. That was all she wrote, yo. Good bye, Silver Bombshell. We will remember her in song.


All our sweat, tears, blood, hopes, dreams, love — all of the work and effort we put into the camper in the last couple months — all gone within a couple seconds. We got to sleep in her once after she was all finished. We figure the old gal had just one more lesson to teach us.


We wouldn’t be the Wandering Zuccottis if we didn’t know how to deal with losing all our stuff. Still, it was a rough sight when I stepped out of the van and saw the extent of the damage to the camper.



It was a rough sight for all of us, and as we surveyed the damage it did not get better. A couple people stopped to make sure we were OK — they were people who saw it happen. After they left, nobody stopped for a long time, and we were wondering where all the cops were. Soon, however, we would get visited by two sheriffs and two state troopers — each seperately with the last one getting stuck with making us fill out paperwork.


We will go on. Nothing will stop us. It was just some stuff — a roof that for a brief and happy period we called home. It lives on in a bubble of time that can never be changed. The love and laughter, the frustrations and anger, the sweat and anticipation are all lessons learned.


We lost a lot of our gear in the crash also. We will have to regroup and rethink but we will not retreat. We may not make it to the One Billion Rising event in Raleigh tomorrow, but we will try because we are almost there. Even so, I will keep my vow of silence for the day.

So, until the 15th, or whenever we get WiFi access after the 14th, Peace Out, yo!

One Billion Rising! Stop the violence against women now! Respect and revere the sacred feminine!

'nuff said!

’nuff said!