Stacy, Lauren, Jak and I are on the move, yo! We are off the beaten path, somewhere in an old folks’ TV Commercial land, without WiFi access for our techno-gear. But never fear, we are always working toward our goals!

Tonight Jak & Lauren did another of their #RantRadio shows — this one on the Los Angeles Police Department and the Christopher Dorner event. Don’t miss it! You won’t get the truth anywhere in the mainstream media, but you will always get the truth here, yo. Word.

This post will be short because I am sitting in a supermarket parking lot using the public WiFi — 12 miles away from where we are staying. Don’t get me wrong — the place where we are staying is very nice, very clean, and very quiet. But it is a retirement area for government employees . . . and we are in a condo community separated from reality. This is not exactly the front lines of the financial district, and our dreads, blue hair, roller derby skins and tie-dye bandanas are not exactly common sights ’round these parts. We all had a very restful and productive time in Florida, but tomorrow we head on out of this state . . . and we are all happy about that! The next stage of the Occupy Bus Tour is on the way!

Peace, love and don’t ever surrender!