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Last night Jak & Lauren did their RantRadio show live using their video-phone and this computer. Our hostess was watching the show live and on her computer at the same time. The show was on hacktivism and Anonymous. Exactly at the point when Anonymous was mentioned the video-phone and both computers went down. Jak & Lauren were able to re-group and start the show over, and they completed it. It is their longest show to date. Afterwards, I took a look at the computers.

This computer is the one I use a lot, and I have lots of security and defenses loaded. It had a virus that targeted the anon-voice program, and it had several program changes designed to breach security and identify who was using the computer. It was, however, still completely usable. The other computer only had Symantec, McAfee & Windows Defender. That computer suffered what is basically a complete meltdown. Symantec, McAfee & Windows Defender were targeted, disabled and trashed. The Host file was modified to prevent internet access. The wireless sub-system was disabled. The USB ports were disabled. Many Windows services were disabled resulting in a almost completely un-responsive computer — it would turn on but that was basically all you could do with it.

Microsoft Windows is fucked up and bullshit — it is the worst operating system ever developed, and the masses have been bamboozled into making it the dominant one. Apple is no better. Intel chips are fucked up and bullshit — they are the worst chips ever developed, and the masses have been bamboozled into making them the dominant ones. It has gotten to the point where it is almost impossible to secure a computer from malicious attacks because of the intentional and unintentional weaknesses built into the software and hardware . . . ALMOST.

We are still here, and the show did go on.

We will scrub this computer clean today, and bolster the security. While we know that no computer is totally secure, we can make the Feds work for their pay. Their attempt to intimidate and stop us failed. They caused only a minor hiccup, and then only because we were a bit naive and did not expect such an attack. Not expecting it we had not prepared.

JnL_Live will be back on the air at the regularly scheduled time, tune in next week for another great episode of RantRadio. Until then, keep coming back here because we post daily. Occupy everywhere!

K(no)w justice, k(no)w peace, fuck the police!