Why Capitalism is a Failed Philosophy
Why Objectivism is Insane


Capitalism is based wholly upon materialism. Materialism constructs a reality based wholly upon physical objects. Objects do not have experiences. All living beings have experiences. Experiences are constructed from feelings. Feelings cannot be analyzed using materialist or objectivist language because feelings do not originate from physical objects.

Attempts to define emotions as chemical reactions within a living being cannot determine the originating force that caused the reaction. All they can do is describe the physical reaction caused by the emotion. The emotion itself is undefinable using materialistic language.

Define love. Define pain. Define anger. Define happiness. Define reality without emotion.

All materialist philosophies and sciences, including all forms of mathematics, deny the reality of life. Without emotion there is no sanity. The brain is not the mind just as the body is not the person.

Emotion is the originator of all thought. Emotion is the originator of all creation. Emotion is the universal language. Emotion is unspeakable. Emotion is an action. Emotion is the primary act.

Love is a kiss. Pain is a tear. Anger is a snarl. Happiness is a smile. Reality is experience.