It’s taken some time for me to get around to blogging. I haven’t done enough writing over the last year and this seems to me the final push of motivation. I am absorbing my new surroundings and though it is always an adjustment, I feel so good about the direction we are heading in.

In my life I am on simultaneous journeys;There are paths to progress within myself, through my partnership with Jak, my affinity to my fellow wanderers and the many roads along this tour that expose me to new people and perspectives.

In order to grow and recieve all the amazing lessons and messages that the universe has, I must remain open. I must allow myself to be vulnerable on this journey. I must leave bad  attitudes and negativity behind. I must be willing to roll with the punches, adapt to ever changing circumstances, tell the truth even when it hurts and, in some cases, stand my ground when my trust has been breached. In order for this tour to truly succeed, it doesn’t matter how pristine our vehicle is. It doesn’t matter how much we plan, prepare or attempt to anticipate all of the potential scenarios we will encounter. The REAL preparation comes from within each memeber of the group. It is when we all start finding the courage to truly FEEL, truly LISTEN, truly REVEAL ourselves to eachother. ALL of it. Not just the parts we are cool with or will make ourselves look good. It is easy to say we are friends when we only see eachother at actions or meetings. We are taking it to the next level-we are re-establishing that sense of family we had in Zuccotti. Having said that, we ain’t in New York no more kids! And out here the rules are a little different. Out here on the road solidarity takes on many more meanings. Out here the world is a mine field and we tread delicately among its traps.


All of us wanderers come from different worlds of memory, each of us having something unique to offer in our strengths AND weaknesses. The key to all of this is balance and never assuming that silence is the answer. Silence is consent. Silence leads to speculation from anxious imagination. Silence leads to the festering of wounds and the breakdown of the fundamental glue that bonds us-communication! We are nothing to the world out there if we can’t talk to eachother. How can we expect other lost souls in the matrix to want to step out of their comfort zone if WE are unwilling to do it for one another? That is my quest-to be the caulk, the nails, the screws, the wood, the insulation. I must be solid first. I must put the positive energy out there. That is how Jak and I have lived for the last year, and I am now convinced that because we have always insisted on being open and real, the universe has rewarded us and continues to conspire FOR us.

So my fiends, this is my advice to you…BE THE CAULK!

Now lets start making some ripples.