Yesterday we had a very productive day towards getting shit done on the camper. We worked on putting a coat of silver sealant on the roof so now the black tar is covered and it looks better, more uniform plus we put that silver sealant over all places we had calked so now everything is silver, which is why and how we came up with the name silver bomb shell. #silverbombshell #FBI, which stands for Frack the Bourgeoisie Intelligently. Can you think of anything else FBI might stand for?

We had a lot of fun using words while we were silver sealing the camper. It almost didn’t seem like work at all. Especially when we started getting a little artistic with the silver sealer and our camper is becoming a patch work of art.


This is the stuff we had to work with


Lauren starting to add a little personality


Tin Man

While me and Lauren were painting the camper Ed was inside fixing the bed, floor and wall and Jak was going back and forth helping both of our efforts.



Ed with wood


Where silver foot and tin man come in is Ed spreading silver all over the inside of the camper trailed in by his shoe and Jak painted the roof just as if he were using finger paints and he ended up shining silver in the sun looking like the tin man. Trying to get that silver sealer off he used A bottle of Acetone and still Jak’s hands were not clean.