There was a chill in the room when I came to realize, I had answered my own question. For So long I performed on this false stage, and sung songs that did not exist. There is a life I am supposed to live or rather I could live, but have approached from the wrong angle.  Now it seems I have tried swimming without water, needlessly flapping about creating waves in the dark that no one could see but me.  I give it my best, but now I see I have been trying to move a mountain when all along I should have been practicing trying to lift rocks first.  I wanted to run before I could walk and it is in these cliches that I have found my own true self, and more importantly I have finally heard your calls and found you.

The chill has now faded and I regain warmth.  The room no longer holds great appeal to me.  I crave more, yes, but I also crave knowledge, help, and understanding.  What good is it to master the art of swimming when I do not fancy being in the water? Tonight I will embark on a journey to a place you already call home.  Today I have grown and further I shall grow to overcome my pathetic fears and I will become the man I so  desperately wish to be.  Tonight, I will become myself… only better.

Tonight I will let the lights dim in the distance, as I allow myself to free my mind from existence.  I will watch the candle flicker and dance. I will concentrate on the sound of your voice as you, solidarity, allow my senses to rejoice.  I will feel your pain as it melts over the fire, as you allow my heart to dissolve desire. You breathe  into me so I may feel the freedom in my soul.  Solidarity, you make the emptiness inside become a whole.