Occupy Bus Tour LogoStatement of Solidarity

All of us that have been, are, and will be a part of the Occupy Bus Tour know that the group composition will change over time. We expect that people will come and go as their individual needs are expressed. We expect that we will find people who are of like mind with us, and want to join us. As we travel we expect that some of us will find issues, actions and people that they have a special affinity toward, and want to explore more deeply. We know that the only person who will definitely be on the tour from beginning to end will be Stacy. We intend that the tour be a vehicle of free expression for all of our personal and group goals and ideals. We know that not all of our needs and futures are the same. We want to make this tour an action that enables us to broaden our personal horizons and deepen our involvement in the issues that mean the most to us both individually and as a group. We intend that the Occupy Bus Tour move all of us forward in a positive manner toward becoming more truely ourselves as individuals. We intend that our personal growth on this tour will also mean positive growth as a group, making us a more closely knit community and enlivening our tribal sense of family. We want to be a model of the positive change we are trying to bring to the society at large. We know that another world is possible, and we want to live the change.

Three of the original people who were supposed to be on the tour at the start never did join us. They found other actions and avenues they want to follow instead. This is all about positive growth and so everything is as it should be. I have a spot on this tour because two others decided at the outset not to come. Being a second choice is not demeaning in any way because there are many more dedicated Occupiers than there are spots available on this tour. This tour is also an action, and the members are expected to work as a close-knit affinity group that furthers the group cause.

All of us realize that we need to be able to trust each other implicitly. We also realize that all of us are wounded and suffering from extended periods of trauma from full-body contact with the police state. We intend that this tour also be an opportunity to heal. Because of the machinations of the police state, and because of the depth of our wounds, we must always be aware of the health and wellbeing of the group and all the individuals within the group. To be aware means we must put into action everything we have learned that is positive. We must be aware of our own individual foibles, and strive not to fall into the old negative habits and behaviors that this sick society has coaxed us into using as survival mechanisms. Patriarchy, heirarchy, and individualism must be replaced with equitable and mutually responsive anarchy. The autonomy of the individual and the autonomy of the group must be mutually enriching to the point where both are the same. In other words, the affinity we feel toward one another must coalesce into a group consciousness that moves all of us forward to greater liberty, equality and happiness. The love we express must be real.

One of our present group is leaving us now. We all expressed our concerns to him in an open and loving manner in order to enable him to see how his negative behaviors were destabilizing his life as well as ours. We encouraged him to positively address his behaviors so as to heal himself and the group. We do not want him to leave, but we will not allow destabilizing behaviors to crash the bus, and us. Unfortunately he fell further into his negative behaviors and is leaving the group in a negative manner. Fortunately this is a positive development because his presence is a destabilizing distraction that is sapping our energy and strength, preventing us from healing and reaching out to others, and side-tracking us into delays and uncertainties. We are now closer, stronger and healthier because we did not shirk from addressing a serious, sensitive and debilitating problem in a positive, constructive and loving manner. That our individual and group efforts were not received with the love that we expressed only shows that we were correct in our assessment of the destabilizing effects of his behaviors. The only reason this incident is being made public is because of his ill-concieved attempt to portray himself publicly as a victim, not as the perpetrator.

This is a warning to everyone that until Mark positively addresses his negative behaviors by accepting responsibility for his actions he is not to be trusted. It is also a warning to all future would-be destabilizers, saboteurs and provocateurs that we will not tolerate those destructive behaviors in our lives any longer. We are moving forward in a positive manner and will not be silenced, side-tracked or sunk.