Yesterday I woke up earlier than usual so I could meet food not bombs to help them serve and meet everyone. I was the only one from our bus tour who went on account of it being too early for everyone else, but I was excited to finally be participating in some action. I wanted to find out what kind of actvism was going on in Tampa and here is where I would find some.

Every Tuesday at Gaslight park, right across the street from the Tampa police station FNB sets up to serve breakfast. This morning they had simply bagels and peanut butter. In addition to breakfast they also had somewhat of a free store set up on another table with clothes and info. There were a group of about 8 people helping out this morning

FNB set up in gaslight park

FNB set up in gaslight park

tampa fnb 002

Tampa FNB banner

I talked to Jessica who just moved here from North Carolina, there she was a part of Occupy Raleigh and Occupy Durham. She picks up the bagels from Einstein on Monday nights for FNB in the morning. Most weeks they have oatmeal but the oatmeal maker had the flu so this week they did without it. They also have fruit some weeks, left overs given by the farmers at the end of the farmers market. They had peanut butter which is donated to them. They also do another feeding on Saturday evenings at voice of freedom park where Occupy Tampa holds their GA each week. The ladies den is used as the base of operation. It’s the host for cooking, cleaning and storage. Most of the work is done by 2 or 3 people.

When I get there a cop is talking to one of the girls behind the table. He stays for a long time asking questions about what we are doing acting like they don’t know although FNB has been in the very same spot for months. Sent to sweet talk. I guess I have to figure being right across from the police station there would be an officer hanging about but it still doesn’t make it necessary.

tampa fnb 003

FNB in gaslight park

tampa fnb 005

cleaning up

tampa fnb 004

Thanks for letting me come and hang out with you and take a few pictures so I can write about it and let everyone know what awesome things we are all doing everywhere to try to make a difference in this world