While I was at FNB talking to people I was told about Roosevelt 2.0. Part of what I want to focus on in this tour are places that are part of the solution. Located in Ybor city on 15th ave. between 7th and 8th ave. The Roosevelt Urban Center for Social Change. I loved it there. It’s a big open space with artwork on the wals and doors. There’s so much going on in this space. Tampa Upcycle, Guerilla ourfitters, there’s a coffee bar with fair trade coffee grown on permicultured land, somewhat of a lending library. They talk of a rooftop garden, a system of turning garbage into fuel, creative commerce.

This night is the Twilight market- local, organic, every Tuesday. I stayed the whole day to wait for the market. As it grew closer and closer to 5 people started to set up. The Guerilla outfitters set up their display of t-shirts featuring the new screen print promoting the market. Farmers set up with their local organic fruits and vegtables from their farms. Vendors set up with their home made soaps, breads, deserts, grass fed beef, fresh squeezed juice, vegan tacos, and more. Everyone had a story to tell about themselves, their lives, their businesses. Live music played.

I’m excited to find this sort of thing going on in every town we come to.

tampa fnb 014

One of the screen prints by the Guerilla outfitters

tampa fnb 015

Painted Doors

tampa fnb 018

Upstairs Space

tampa fnb 019

view from the balcony

tampa fnb 026


tampa fnb 027

screen printing work area

tampa fnb 028

Screen print of the day “show your local”

tampa fnb 035

getting ready for the market

tampa fnb 034

t-shirt in a frame. Get out of your comfort zone

tampa fnb 037

One of the painting on the wall

tampa fnb 038

the other side of the moveable wall. Fire Water Earth Air

tampa fnb 042

This painting covers the wall

tampa fnb 043

Show your local The shirt promoting the Twilight market by Guerilla outfitters

tampa fnb 045

greens picked this morning

tampa fnb 050

Guerilla outfitters wall display

tampa fnb 051

View from above

tampa fnb 060

Fresh bread. Chocolate cherry and strawberry macadamia nut

tampa fnb 061

Eco Farm farmer with the produce he brought just picked that morning

tampa fnb 006

Tampa upcycle in Roosevelt 2.0

tampa fnb 008

A wall of fabric

tampa fnb 009

another view of the wall

tampa fnb 016

a wall of doors

tampa fnb 020


tampa fnb 022

These doors are hidden all over the space

tampa fnb 021

come on up

tampa fnb 065

Nate and Charlei from Gnarly Farms. Their blog is http://gnarlyfarms.wordpress.com

tampa fnb 068

gnarly farms

tampa fnb 064

A view from outside

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