What is a golf course? Well, you answer, it is a manicured and sculpted playing field for the game of golf. Yes, but what else, I ask. What do you mean, you ask, what more does it need to be? Much more, I answer.

Why do we consistently put things into tiny boxes, and try to seperate one thing from everything else. In this case, why must a golf course be only a golf course? What imagination and creativity is there in a golf course that is only a golf course? What if a golf course is also a preserve for an animal or plant species? What if a golf course is also a walking and jogging park? What if a golf course is also a bioswale to filter out pollutants from the surrounding land? What if a golf course is also a teaching and learning space — a classroom? What if a golf course is also a gallery of nature art? What if a golf course is also a garden of rare species? What if a golf course is a source of solar power for the community? What if it is all these things and more? What if . . .?

The possibilities are endless if only we break out of the tiny slave-boxes the 1% have coaxed and conned us into with their education and entertainment systems. Another world is possible.

There are a lot of single-purpose golf courses around here, but we all spent the afternoon working on the van. It was a good day of work. We finished up the windows, tightened up the seam of the underbody and waterproofed it, fixed a couple instances of rotted wood at the front of the camper, installed a second shelf where the stove once was, removed some of the propane pipes, and a few other minor items.

Jak and Lauren’s RantRadio show topped off the evening hours. Catch the latest episode at JnL_Live. Next week there will be a special Anonymous episode — you will want to be there to watch that one live, yo!

Today was also a global day of action for Idle No More. We here on the Occupy Bus Tour express our solidarity with Idle No More. Many of our stops across Turtle Island will be at Idle No More actions. We are looking forward to a tour that is an active part of the revolution.

Stacy will be helping out the local Food Not Bombs people tomorrow morning, and we hope to have her account of the solidarity action in a post tomorrow or soon thereafter.


3-person power! Fixing an old accident wound — tightening up the seam of the underbody.


Applying special RV water sealant.


One of the corners where rotted wood was cut out and the area fixed. There’s a bit more to fix, as you can see.


The new shelf under the old-new shelf (awaiting a mosaic tiling) where the stove used to be. We need to get a piece of trim for the new shelf.


One of the four dogs there. This one was content guarding our van for us.


This old boy was glad for the new company. He is a beautiful dog.