Truth has set me free
My conscience is clear
I know my place
Right here
And I stand
In the face
Of lies and deceit
I am free
Standing on my own two feet
Listening to the voice inside me
I am free
Surrounded by an army
I am free
Sitting in jail
I am free
Standing for what’s right
I will fight
No guilt
I am free my hands zip tied behind my back
I am free
I shall not back down
I will stand my ground
No money no job
Weary and tired
I am free
With nothing but time
and truth
I am free
I will not move
Until you are free too.

This is one of my poems. It was recently put on the blog but I decided to post it again thinking I would like it to be it’s own post instead of part of another. I hope to put more of my poems on the blog.