The best laid plans of mice and men . . .

We thought we had the water line fixed . . . but it only held for a few minutes before springing a leak again. Maintenance on the van is taking longer than we anticipated, but nothing very messy there. We also thought we had the roof vent ready to go in, but the metal of the gear casing for the open/close turny handle-thing that was Made In China fell apart — completely. The metal just fragmented and crumbled. It is a new vent. It is the approved replacement model. It is Made In China. Boycott China! Everything they sell us is either cheap crap that falls apart, or it is poisoned — like the cat food that killed my last cat. The government stopped reporting on the items from China that are being recalled — excuse me, I mean the government stopped recalling defective and poisoned imports from China. Capitalism = profits over people.

We did get some work done today that stayed done. Caulking, banner-making, odds and ends. Some days are like this, but not all of them! See you tomorrow, yo!


The Wandering Zuccottis!


Did I forget to mention I finally got a new pair of glasses today? The last pair were stolen and broken by Captain Winski of the 1st Precinct, NYPD


The water pipe leaking again . . .


The fragments of the metal casing for the roof vent turn handle.


The banner is coming along nicely!