The light at the end of this tunnel is so bright we gotta wear shades! This segment of the Occupy Bus Tour is coming to a close. Even though the bus won’t be ready for a little bit longer, we will be hitting the road . . . destinations to be determined.

We finished up all but one of the major projects but we won’t be idle. There are many little things that can be done, as well.


Building a framework for the window.


There it is — new window and wall all caulked and waiting only for an aluminum outer layer.


The inside — a patchwork of different woods will be brightened by patchwork curtains!


The hole where the propane water heater used to be has been framed, covered with plywood, styrofoam and the metal cover that used to be on the water heater.


A railing made of old, discarded bamboo now keeps our small book nook from falling in on us.