The county where we are staying has a fierce feral cat problem. The animal  ‘shelters’ are overloaded with stray cats. A quick death awaits the vast majority of feral cats picked up. Even the humane animal organizations are overwhelmed. The newspapers here have stories about people catching feral cats in order to move them away from building projects (usually a mall) so the authorities won’t kill them all. But the issue is deeper than that, and even deeper than what to do about the feral cat population. The problem at its core is about people.

Feral does not mean “wild”. Feral does not even mean “half-wild”. Feral means “escaped from domestication”. These cats, or at least the ancestors of these cats, once were pets. They were pets that were abused or abandoned. The problem lies with the people who were incapable of caring for an animal friend.

Think about that, and then decide whose side you’re on. Only then can a solution be enacted.

We got some work done today as Jak, Lauren and Mark got some R&R. Jak & Lauren will be live later tonight with their RantRadio broadcast. Tonight it will be about the events in Mali. Tune in, yo!


Good morning!


Breakfast cookin’! Vegan sausage . . . um . . . yum! And toasted bagels.


The second window went in like a champ!


Repairing the fold-down table/bed with salvaged parts.


Getting the table to fit was tougher than it seemed.


But in the end we have a nice table/bed combo where once only a bed could be.


The outside is getting a good scrubbing.