Jak and Lauren will be here today! I hear Lauren has returned to the realm of blue hair, and that brings a lot of good memories. Perhaps we all will have blue hair before long. Once, at Occupy Union Square, Lauren was dying everybody’s hair blue, and we were all proclaiming that our leaders had blue hair. Not having a lot on top of my head, I dyed the gray of my beard blue. It was a lot of fun, and somehow it qualified as a revolutionary act . . . perhaps because we were in the police state known as New York City. You would think that a bunch of blue-haired people wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in New York, and you’d be right. However, Occupiers are not regular people. The NYPD and other security forces have a seperate set of rules of engagement for Occupiers. That should raise a red flag for anyone concerned with human rights and civil liberties.

We worked on getting the new bed frame and bed ready for Jak and Lauren, and getting in the window replacing the air conditioner hole. We got the bed, I think,  and we need to get a 2″x2″ and a piece of aluminum patch to finish the window, but we’re there, yo! We also put in a piece of red oak trim we found in the RV junkyard onto the end of the new counter where the stove used to be. We are thinking of tiling the top of the new counter with shards of pottery . . . or with mosaic tile pieces or similar.

OK! It was a long wait but Jak and Lauren arrived here safely! We are all very happy to be back together . . . so without further ado . . .


The bed-couch combo top with the frame — all set to be installed!


One of the new windows framed in . . . sorta . . . we need more wood!


That red oak trim puts a nice touch on the shelf where the stove used to be.


The azaelas are blooming . . . they are early because of the heat wave (+10 F above the new normal), and will probably be weakened by the frost expected in a few days. The local effects of climate disruption.


The bed, all made up and waiting for Jak and Lauren.


A little fuzzy ’cause the cameraman was excited, but you can see everybody is all smiles!