Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle

We took a trip to RV heaven today — a RV junkyard. We wandered to and fro marveling at all the various and sundry parts of RVs stacked and toppling everywhere. We did find a couple of windows that will work after a little custom framework . . . just a little. That was a major find, and a big worry off our minds. Finding windows was proving very difficult.

We also found a working folding table with all the hardware — it’s smaller than we need — it won’t work as part of the bed when folded —  so we’ll use the hardware to fix the old one. We recovered several light covers and reflectors, and so now all the lights on the camper have covers.

Many odds and ends were sifted through, and we did find things that will help — a few strips of very nice hardwood trim that will give a nice touch here and there, three wall ‘snaps’ that can hold our three solar flashlights so we can always find them, and a loudspeaker that we can hook up and use at actions!

Oh, there was a very cool dog, a boxer-mix, at the junkyard — and he helped me search the place for a while. We only took a couple photos, but we did take some video that we’ll get online later.


Our cart of salvaged treasure!