Climate disruption.
Nothing happening here. Move along. Winter storm Iago is simply a nasty fluctuation of the weather, just a “motiveless malignancy” as Samuel Taylor Coleridge once categorized Shakespeare’s Iago.

No. Iago is part of Gaia’s process of cleaning up Her human infestation. Continued deviant and extreme weather, otherwise known as climate disruption, further weakens the ecosystems humans depend on, and have been destroying in their greed for wealth and power. With potable water getting scarce, essential minerals for human health getting scarce, and food crops losing their habitat on top of everything else we humans are doing to kill ourselves off (shit is fucked up and bullshit) it is only a matter of time before the population crash begins.

Do your homework, and then think about it. Whose side are you on?

As for us here, Iago after the heat wave means a slow day working even though “Dirty” stayed overnight with us so he could work with us again today. The temperature is dropping, and is expected to drop more than 40 degrees F through the afternoon and evening. There is a chance for a storm, and we have had a couple very minor sprinkles accompanied by a few high wind gusts. Also slowing us down was the electrical system of the camper. First it works, then it doesn’t, then it sort of works, then it doesn’t, then it does! Yes, finally we may have it. We’ll see if it still works later when we test it.

We did get the ceiling back up, but held off on screwing the roof vent in because of the ever-present risk of rain. The tarp covering the roof vent sitting in its space will keep us dry, if need be.

We also got some of the panels cut for the walls, and salvaged more styrofoam sheets. We also puttered about doing small odd jobs as needed, as well as work on the blog layout — check out the photo preview in the sidebar, and the Independent Media page accessible from the link at the top of this page.

More importantly, we grew closer together today and we had a chance to get a second wind.

DSC_0001Measuring out the cuts.


Getting ready to make the cuts


The cutting begins!


Working out the wiring problems


Testing the turn signals, brake lights and running lights


The ceiling is back up and the new roof vent is sitting pretty!

And . . . we just got confirmation that two more of the crew will be joining us in a few days! Cool beans, yo! Departure time is getting close!