It was a bit of a rough day today, a little overwhelming, a little aggravating, a little frustrating. To paraphrase Joan Jett (“Frustrated”): we are contemplatin’ all the living we are missing just waiting for the day we can leave. Our hands are tied, our brains are fried and we got no place to hide. We got rockets in our sockets but we got no place to go. We got a lot but we sure would like to have a little fun.

Of course, it isn’t that bad. It’s just a minor bump. We are feeling the weight of long days working at things we don’t have experience with. We are feeling brain-tired from trying to figure out the next step — and sometimes trying to figure out the step we are at. It is difficult to make decisions when we are not sure of the work we are doing.

So we took a bit of a day off — a half day, if that. We had a little talk. I hope we remember that yesterday “Dirty” told us we had been doing an excellent job with the carpentry — and that’s his expertise. So as much as we agonize over each little step we take, we are doing a great job, yo!

Even with a half-day off we still got some heavy work done. We were able to move from the back to the center of the trapezial camper, and take out the broken roof vent and rotted framework. It was a tough and dirty job — mainly because a previous owner had the ‘brilliant’ idea to cover the broken roof vent with roofing tar, and to tar and putty up the inside to try to hold the rotted wood together. But a little determination, and a hammer, a hatchet, a big screwdriver, a vise-grips and a jab saw, we were able to get it done — and it feels much better to be that one step closer to finishing our work here. Tomorrow, when we put in the new framework and roof vent we will feel even better. One step at a time, yo — the same way we will dismantle The System . . . completely.


Examining the situation up close


Getting personal with the claw end of the hammer


Never underestimate the power of a big screwdriver!

Hammer time!

Hammer time!

DSC_0007The roof vent has been defeated! It is removed!

DSC_0008But now the really hard part — getting the vent sleeve and wood frame out.


Little by little . . .

DSC_0012Almost done!

DSC_0013It may not look pretty to you, but to us it is gorgeous! Tomorrow it will get a makeover.

no-to-gmoThe finished No to GMOs banner! Beautiful!

fnbThe finished People’s Kitchen/Food Not Bombs mobile chapter banner! Yo!