A friend of Stacy’s came by today to help out with the wiring and the carpentry. If you didn’t know, Stacy is a roller derby athlete, a member of the Sintral Florida Derby Demons. Her friend, who goes by the game-name of “Dirty”, is a referee on the roller derby circuit.

Sintral Florida Derby Demons 2010 practice

Sintral Florida Derby Demons 2010 team practice photos


That’s Stacy in the purpley-pink tights in both photos!

sfdd_logo“Dirty” helped out and taught us a lot today, and will stop by again this week to help again. We got the floor insulated with re-used styrofoam sheets, the flooring almost complete, the new wiring for the road lights partially installed, the back corners of the trailer reinforced where there was damage, and several other minor things done and out of the way.

"Dirty" building a workbench out of parts and pieces laying about.

“Dirty” building a workbench out of parts and pieces laying about.


“Dirty” cutting wood for the wall framework.


Insulating the floor with styrofoam sheets, outside . . .


. . . and inside at the same time!


Getting into her work!


A metal angle piece to give some more structural support and close the rip.


Hard at work on the computer, writing an important Occupy Trinity Wall Street blogpost and this here post.