We finished cutting out the rotted wood and following the wiring through the back walls today. We also hit other projects like de-rusting the hitch with a wire brush, sewing up the couch cushion cover, hanging patchwork curtains, artfully papering the walls, cleaning out the potable water tank, creating a website look ( http://occupybustour.mayfirst.org/ ), and getting the wood to start the construction efforts tomorrow. We hope to have the framework cut and in place by the end of the day. Things should move quickly after that. Here are some pics from today, and one from yesterday.

Oh, wait! Is it Saturday?! Let’s see . . . we’ve been working every day for three weeks regardless of the day of the week . . . pretty good for a bunch of lazy hippy bums. Y’see, it ain’t work when it’s life. All the work we did in Liberty Park — sanitation, comfort, kitchen, medical, IT, media, info, security, de-escalation, etc., etc., etc. — and all the work we did with Occupy Sandy and every other endeavour we set out upon . . . through it all we have heard choruses of “Get a job!”, “Lazy hippies!”, and “Good for nothing bums!”. Well, we work, we just don’t work for the 1%. We work harder than any sheeple-wage-slave because we have a bigger job to do and we ain’t got no stinkin’ bosses. We have to change the world. Sorry for the incovenience, but help or get out of the way, yo! It is time to choose sides.

Banner making for our actions!

Banner making for our actions!

Now that's sketchy -- a hippie with a sawzall sneakin' 'round the corner!

Now that’s sketchy — a hippie with a sawzall sneakin’ ’round the corner!

Chasing the wiring through the walls -- opening it up to run new wiring.

Chasing the wiring through the walls — opening it up to run new wiring.

Getting the trunk ready for re-construction!

Cleaning out the debris in order to get a better look for the final de-construction!


Putting the finishing touches on the de-construction.


Cleaning up after the final piece of rotted wood was cut away.


The final wall and floor cuts revealed how the mice, snake and other critters had gotten in.


A closer look at the rip in the metal underbody . . .


De-rusting the hitch.


Baking soda in the cupboard to remove the mustiness.


The feral kittens come out to watch the strange sight of hippies working all day, every day.