We are filming parts of our renovating projects in order to get ready for filming the actions to come. Filming and editing these videos will enable us to get familiar with the equipment, software and access options. We have video shot on several days previous to these, but these are the most complete. Of course, we will probably use the earlier videos when we make a coherent documentary of our time here. Until then, please enjoy these simply as a wish you were here family video: Occupying RV Renovation Parts 1 & 2, Removing the Stove and Refrigerator.

While occupying both renovating and homelessness here we also have our hearts firmly focused on why we are here. Yesterday we watched the Tar Sands Keystone XL Blockade direct action against TransCanada in Texas live in anticipation of our being there soon, and as a teach-in for ourselves.

We are also closely following the Idle No More and the Anti-Rape movements, as well as all the inter-connected issues such as Monsanto, GMOs, monoculture/permaculture, fracking, Earth, human and animal rights, and more — each to our own individual wisdom.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

“We have ancient pictorials and scrolls that speak of a time when the women rise up. A great snake was supposed to cross the land and poison Turtle Island, and we’re looking at that as the pipeline.” – Darla Goodwin, Cree, 2012-12-23