so all this waiting around has been driving me a little insane. we are well behind our initial projection but due to an issue with the veggie conversion on the bus, we have been afforded more time.
whereas most would consider more time a luxury, i am a person of action and adrenaline and would rather get into the bus tour as quickly as possible. there is the waiting on our comrades, fellow live streamers, who will be joining us sooner rather than later. there is much to do around the trailer. and then there is the need to “listen to the universe and slow down.”
my year spent with #occupywallstreet has made me anxious for change and movement, right here, right now. i have enjoyed my time away from the city, from the repression of the state and that of its puppets. but i am ready. i am rejuvenated. and all this time, i can’t take it anymore.

comrades at the tar sands blockade – here we come (well, in a few weeks).