We’ve been working things out down here for the last couple days. Our plans have changed a bit — both negatively and positively, which is the way things go most of the time . . . a little of this, a little of that. The bus veggie oil conversion is going to be more difficult than originally thought, and will take a bit more time. At first we thought that was bad news, but once we started talking about options we realized that it allows us to do other things we wanted to do but thought we were unable to do. Stay tuned, yo — it’ll be good!

We have also been working hard on the trailer. Some of the work we have no direct experience doing, and that led to some trepidation on our part about getting started. However, we remembered that we are Occupiers, and we have the ability to occupy this work. So we did the research, exchanged ideas and thoughts, realized we had the skills . . . and we laughed because it was all so much easier than we had feared. We still have work to do, but now we are approaching it from a position of knowledge and strength instead of uncertainty.


The weather here has turned drizzly and wet, and is expected to be that way for the next week. That will slow us down as far as working outside is concerned, but it will speed us up on the inside work.

We are also closely watching the developments with Idle No More, the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Anti-Rape Movement and everything Occupy. Once we get on the road it will be an exciting time of actions! Florida has been kind to us, but we are anxious to get into the thick of things.