I spent much of today (so far) learning about our Nikon D3100 SLR digital camera. I have not used a digital camera before, though I have taken thousands of photographs (years ago) with basic 35mm cameras. I must say that this digital stuff is a lot more fun! Here’s one of our merry band working on the computer (the date and time stamp is wrong . . . fixed now, but not then):


And over here we have the camping trailer, two photos: the first in North Carolina where we picked it up on 12-12-12, and the second here in Florida this morning (12-29-12):

12-12-12-camper12-12-29-camperYou can see me taking the photo in our full-length mirror inside the camper. Also what you see is the black plastic covering where the air conditioner once was — we had to remove it to get the camper under the weight limit, but we were going to get rid of it anyway because it was not an energy efficient item. You can also see the broken window we need to repair, a bit of the tarp covering the vent on the roof that needs repair, and in the front, on the ground, the new battery to store power for the camper’s outside lights (turn signals, brake, etc.).

The inside of the camper is starting to look fantabulous! Stacy is papering the walls with Occupy and other memorabilia, posters and quotes. Without Stacy there would be no Occupy Bus Tour. We owe her our occupying best! Here’s a shot of Stacy from December 04, 2012:


I will show you one photo of her interior decorating just for a tease. Please remember that this is a work in progress. Stacy will write an in-depth post soon telling you all about this, and more.

12-2912-29-front-leftWhile Stacy is hard at work inside the camper, I have been helping out on the outside and the appliances. We are having problems with the refrigerator (we’ve fixed the heater) — the two pictures below show the outside access hatch and the largest of three hornet nests that were inside the hatch area.

12-12-29-fridge-back12-12-29-hornet-nestSo, to wrap things up for the moment here are some more photos: me and Bishop, a shot of the front top bunk and the book/record shelf (yes, vinyl), Mark doing the lunch dishes, and me wandering about the Retreat grounds.