One of the discussions we had at yesterday’s meeting was about whether or not we would become, & identify as, a Food Not Bombs chapter when we served food at various actions around the country.


We had a lively discussion about goals and ideals and consensus and identity. For my part I expressed that while I agree with the goals of Food Not Bombs, and I have no problem working with Food Not Bombs, I am already identifying as a member of Occupy, and therefore do not need to become a member of any other group. The only label I am willing to take on is “Occupier”. There is no need to take on any other label, no need to become a member of any other group, my being an Occupier means I can do whatever job I want in the revolution — medic, librarian, cook, documentarian, etc.. Anybody who was in Liberty Park knows that we all took on a variety of roles as needed, and the medics especially performed whatever role was needed at the moment. As an Occupier I can be a representative of The People’s Kitchen while working in solidarity with Food Not Bombs. I don’t need to be Food Not Bombs. I am an Occupier from Occupy Wall Street and I am spreading the Occupy message to all the streets we will be visiting on this Occupy Bus Tour!