Danielle, me & Stacy at a rest stop in Tennessee

After one year, two months and nine days I have left the front lines of Occupy Wall Street to wander the country protesting, teaching street medicine and spreading the Occupy message. We’ll be traveling by a veggie oil powered bus, with solar panels on the roof, and the most notorious Zuccottis inside. We invite any Occupier who has ever had a dream to get a bus, to get that bus now and join us! If you have a bus ready, we will come to your town so you can join us on our trip cross-country and back again. You can join us for the whole trip, part of the trip or multiple parts of the trip. We hope to be meeting up with the Medic Roadshow Bus, and two of our number probably will be getting a bus of their own . . . so we decided that it would be fantastic if we could get a caravan started, and roll into Wall Street at the end of this journey with lots of Occupiers in buses from across the country. So if you have a bus, or a dream, get it ready and send us a message through this blog. We would love to have you join us . . . Occupiers only, please — this is an Occupy endeavour.

Danielle and I pumping gas, with Stacy’s ‘new’ 1970 trailer in the background.

At the moment we are getting the trailer ready and doing overall preparation work for the journey while the bus gets the last mechanical fixings done for us. I am recuperating from my time on the front lines occupying Wall Street. I already feel much better, although I miss being with my comrades in the streets of New York.

I will be using my posts on this blog to document my thoughts and feelings on this journey, and also to provide some tips on street, herbal and even some cat/dog medicine. Of course, my philosophical ramblings may overtake the rest, but that’s me, yo!

Stacy, me and a very big guitar . . . in Tennessee, of course!

A very big thank you to Stacy for inviting me along, and for providing this opportunity for us all. Mark Adams has joined us, and Rami, Lauren & Jak will be joining us soon. At that point we will be on our way, coming to a town near you — watch for us as we occupy the continent. See you soon, yo!